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Ragdoll Meerjungfrau Amigurumi frei häkeln Muster

Hi, friends! Ready for another Ragdoll pattern? I hope you guys aren’t getting tired of these yet because I’m having a lot of fun over here ?

I had the idea to make this Ragdoll Mermaid after I discovered the Loops and Threads Colorwheel line during one of my Michael’s trips. There were so many beautiful colours and as soon as I saw the gorgeous mints and corals and purples, I knew what I wanted to use them for. As you guys know by now, I almost always use cotton yarn for my patterns. However, while the Colorwheel yarn is acrylic, it is advertised as “anti-pill”, so I was definitely interested in giving it a try with amigurumi. While the yarn is super (duper) soft, I did find it became a bit fuzzy as I crocheted, despite the “anti-pill” advertising. But honestly, I expected this, as I crochet very tightly and tend to manhandle my crochet as I work, haha. In any event, this Ragdoll Mermaid turned out to be so whimsical and I love her. Also, I think she is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever crocheted so prepare for an onslaught of pictures…I may have gotten a little carried away.

You may notice that she has a lot of hair. You guys, this Mermaid has a lot of hair. Like, a tonne. I re-did the hair several times before I was satisfied with it. I’ll get into the discussion on that later in the pattern, so stay tuned.

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